.96 Watts Samsung LED Module


.96 Watts Samsung LED Module

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Our most popular LED module is our single-color Samsung LED light modules which are built with constant current transmitters which provide consistent illumination for channel letters, sign lighting, under-cabinet lighting, store window lighting, display case lighting, sign retrofits and much more. These LED module's strands come 100 LED modules in a bag and can be combined up to 200 modules. The wire is 18 AWG tinted copper wire with an 3" spacing between modules. The striped wire is negative and the white wire is positive. Their are 3 LEDs in each LED module that are (28/35 SMD). The current output for this module is 100 lumens and .96 watt's per module. These LEDs have an extra wide angle of 160° beam emitting over 12" wide illumination that will will no problem illuminating channel letters as shallow as 2 inches. These LED modules are injection type that have a low profile PVC that is fireproof and inflame retarding. Installation will be a easy and simple there are two area's where you can screw the LED modules down and 3M double-sided adhesive tape on the back to keep the LED modules secure during winter or extreme heats. This module has an operating temperature of -22°F and 185°F. The protection rating for this LED module is IP68 which is completely waterproof and can handle continuous immersion up to 3 meters. The kelvin rating for color temperature is 10,000 kelvins which is considered pure white. This module is 12V DC and is designed to last 5 years or 50,000 hours and backed up by a 5 year warranty. This LED module is made in Korea.


This LED sign module is perfect to get your sign is extremely bright without having the LED modules shine through. They will illuminate evenly so the LED modules diode will not show through the sign but the brightness of the LED sign module will. This is our flagship model for sign companies and electricians that install these for window displays or sign retrofits.

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Lens Degree

160 Degrees


UL, cRUs, Rohs, FCC


18AWG Tinted Copper

Operating Temperatures



5 Years

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