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About us


A new generation of LED

Here at GENXLED we believe in providing an unparalleled customer experience and how we do that is by providing an industry leading 5 Year warranty on all our products, because of that we have earned a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

We are proud to expand our horizon into North America, currently we are distributing LED module's in Europe and the Middle East. Through hard work by our staff and high demand in from America and Canada we have opened up channels and distribution centers across America and Canada. Although we are not across all 50 states yet within one year we will have distribution channels across all of America and Canada.


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2000 Korean Factory

In 2000 our chairman Kyung Woong started the first factory in producing exclusively LED module's. With hope's of reaching the international market Kyung knew he would have to produce a product that is unmatched by China Manufacturers and would not be easily imitated.

2005 UL Certification

One of the greatest accomplishments that the company had achieved was getting certified across the country by cRUs, UL, FCC and CU. This allowed our products to show clients all over the world the backing of government regulated agency's in quality.

2009 Samsung and LG Contract

In 2009 our greatest achievement was accomplished by signing contracts with both Samsung and LG in providing us with the LED diode. Through our great name and quality they had agreed to supply us with their LED's.

2015 North America

In 2015 we have open a distribution channel in North America for the first time. We are excited to prove and show the quality difference in our module's compared to China. Like our company philosophy has stated in exceeding all client expectations we have back our products with a industry leading 5 Year warranty.

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Our Skills

15 Years of professional service and growing

At GENXLED we have accomplished countless achievements by having engineers on our staff with over 20 years of LED experience. Not only do we design a beautiful looking module but we ensure our products are packed with internal features such as a copper heat sink board or tinted copper wiring which lasts 5 times longer than just regular copper wiring.

Our goals throughout the company history was produced by our skills in not only understanding our customers needs but by also delivering to satisfy and achieve great customer service. Listed below is a list of some of the things we have done in regards to our customer's needs.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • IP68 to make our product completely waterproof
  • See through lens so the light can reflect more evenly
  • Constant current board for long reaches
  • Name brand LED diode such as Samsung and LG

Our factory is not only know for quality but also for our ability in producing at quantity's in a fast turn time. Currently our factory is able to produce 1 million module's per week and we have high hopes to expand that to 1.5 million module's per week.

We are always looking for ways to improve our skills so please don't ever hesitate to provide us suggestions by emailing us at iblighting@hotmail.com

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meet the team


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Copper board and wiring

All our products have a copper heat sync and tinted copper wiring, this helps the LED to not get overheated even in during hot weather which expands the longevity of the module. Tinted copper wiring has been known to prevent corrosion and last 5 times longer then regular copper wiring.

160 degree lens

One of the biggest issues with LED module's is having them not seen within the sign they are put in. Through our engineers experience they have produced a patent pending lens design that even out's the light without loosing strength or projection.

Our number one priority is our customers

Our number one priority is our customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked


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