.96 Watts Samsung LED Module

This LED sign module is perfect to get your sign is extremely bright without having the LED modules shine through. They will illuminate evenly so the LED modules diode will not show through the sign but the brightness of the LED sign module will. This is our flagship model for sign companies and electricians that install these for window displays or sign retrofits.


RGB Module

RGB LED module is widely used for by sign companies and sign manufactures for the simple fact that the customer has the capability of making the RGB module any color the want that day. It is widely used by places that are social and always on the change for example bowling alleys, night clubs and social bars. If you are having difficulty deciding on what LED module fits best this sign module would be highly recommended for you.


Green LED Module

Our green LED module is loved by retail store owners, it is a light that brings out any business. If you look at our gallery profile you can see some of the retailers that have used this green LED module such retailers include grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores. This deep green will be sure in impress any customer and stand out against the competition


Red LED Module

This red LED module will diffidently catch someones eye when put on a window display. Sign manufactures use this LED module to make their signs stick out brighter and with a deeper red then anything else on the market. If your looking for an LED module to stand out this is red LED module will deliver.


Blue LED Module

If your looking to stand out from the crowd our blue LED sign module will be sure to attract customers to your storefront. This bright blue LED module can be used for various tasks such as channel lettering, sign lighting, under-cabinet lighting, store window lighting, display case lighting, sign retrofits. LED storefronts that use various colors to attract customers typically see a 15-20% increase in traffic for their storefront..